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  2. Minor Trade Route (Silk Road) Other Major Trade Route Other Minor Trade Route Sea Route The Silk Road and Arab Sea Routes (11th - 12th Centuries) Cartography: Jean-Paul Rodrigue, Dept. of Global Studies & Geography, Hofstra University I n d i a n O c e a n A r a b i a n S e a B a y o f B e n g a l n S o u t h C h i n a S e a Source: Adapted from Martin Jan Månsson. Created Date: 2/12/2019 3.
  3. MappiN8 tHeSiLK Road For this assignment you will need to follow the steps outlined below to complete the unit map, Exh element to the map Is of the overall grade so please tale your time and do your best' For this activity you Will need to reference maps in your textbook, historical atlas, or the internet, 10 10 What you need to do to your map
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  5. e the interactions of various aspects of physical and cultural geography pertaining to it. Clicking on routes and locations will reveal information and links. This is a live document
  6. Important Terms; Map questions: What is Eurasia? What is Inner Asia? What is Central Asia? The Ecological Zones of Inner Asia. Some documents may be primary sources, and some may be secondary materials selected from various books and articles. Primary sources are marked with an asterisk. * 60 PART II Curriculum Units—From Silk to Oil: 1. Geography Along The Silk Roads 1 The.

Map of the South China Sea illustrating Maritime Silk Road 18 security implications Figure 2.2. Map of the Indian Ocean Region illustrating Maritime Silk 28 Road security implications and investments. Acknowledgements. This policy report has been funded through the generous support of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) and is the second publication of the SIPRI-FES cooperation on the Belt. Data: Zipped Shapefile GML 2.0 GML 3.1.1 CSV Excel GeoJSON GeoTIFF JPEG PDF PNG KML View in Google Earth. Metadata: TC211. Legend . Maps Which Use This Layer . Silk Roads; EcoinISL-Map; ChinaXmap 4.0 Sui and Tang; Classical China; Africa map project; The Concept of China - All Harvard Data; Stuff; Mapping Standage's Edible History of Humanity. Silk Road-silk, spices, chemicals, leather, metals, glass, gems, and paper are just a few examples. But scholars are even more amazed at the religious diversity of Silk Road oasis communities: Buddhism, Manichaeism, Image: The two-humped Bactrian camel carried goods for caravans on the roads around the Taklamakan Desert. Tomb Figures, Tang Dynasty (AD 618-906), China, probably Shaanxi.

Silk Road Map 2021 - useful maps of Silk Road routes. The Silk Road stretches more than 7,000 kilometers, connecting most lands of Asia and Europe. It is not easy to follow the Silk Road on the map, because there are several mail routes which also have many branches. Don't worry, we will make your study easier. Following are our well selected maps of Silk Road which have been classified. China Silk Road Activity Discovering Your Routes ­ Mapping the Silk Road Mapping the Silk Road 1) For this activity, you will work in a group to research goods traded along the Silk Road. Each group member will be responsible for researching one or more products Document A: The Silk Road Route Map Document B: The Dunhuang Caves Document C: Crossing the Gobi Desert Document D: The City of Marakanda Document E: Silk Road Ledger (chart) Hook Exercise: Give your traveler a name from the list in your packet. Choose the type of traveler you wish to be from the collection of descriptions on the following page. Job choices . Profile sheet- fill out the.

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The term 'silk road' has been in use since the nineteenth century and refers to the traditional east-west trading network across Eurasia and the Indian Ocean region that flourished prior to the sixteenth century.10 This network comprised both overland and maritime trading routes. By using this term, the Chinese government emphasizes the commercial and open nature of the modern version of. The Silk Road routes from China to the west passed to the north and south of the Taklamakan Desert, and they divided near Dunhuang. The route to the south and southwest was guarded by the so-called Jade Gate (Yü Guan) and Southern Gate (Yang Guan) which were garrisoned and supplied from Dunhuang THE SILK ROAD Joseph Adler Fall 2012 O'Connor 204 Tuesday 7:00-10:00 adlerj@kenyon.edu Treleaven Seminar Room 427-5290 Office hours: MWF 3-4, T 2-4 and by appointment • Silk Road links • Buddhism links • Bibliography • Paper format guide • Paper criteria • Moodle The Silk Road is a rather misleading term coined in 1877 by the German geologist Ferdinand von Richthofen. What it. About this Worksheet. This is a free printable worksheet in PDF format and holds a printable version of the quiz Silk Road Map.By printing out this quiz and taking it with pen and paper creates for a good variation to only playing it online Maritime Silk Route (MSR). These two major initiatives were initially packaged and labelled under the overarching term 'One Belt, One Road' (一带一路) or, in short: 'Belt & Road'. 1. Those who are new to the term may struggle to understand what Belt & Road actually is. It is often communicated as a national vision an

the silk roads A New History of the World PETER FRANKOPAN 99781408839973_TheSilkRoads_FM_Finalpass.indd iii781408839973_TheSilkRoads_FM_Finalpass.indd iii 111/4/2015 3:57:13 PM1/4/2015 3:57:13 PM. Bloomsbury Publishing An imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc 50 Bedford Square 1385 Broadway London New York WC1B 3DP NY 10018 UK USA www.bloomsbury.com BLOOMSBURY and the Diana logo are trademarks. The Silk Road was actually a series of roads extending north and south. People used these roads to carry goods between Rome and Chang'an. At times, sea routes carried this trade, as maritime technolo- gies improved or when violence threatened land traders. When pirates and other perils faced the merchants on the sea routes, trade increased on the land routes. Along the routes of the Silk. Maritime Silk Road, collectively referred to as One Belt, One Road (OBOR) but which has also come to be known as the Belt and Road Initiative. Xi's vision is an ambitious program of infrastructure building to connect China's less-developed border regions with neighbouring countries. OBOR is arguably one of the largest development plans in modern history. On land, Beijing aims to connect.

The Silk Road derives its name from the lucrative trade in silk, first developed in China and a major reason for the connection of trade routes into an extensive transcontinental network. It derives from the German term Seidenstraße (literally Silk Road) and was first popularized by in 1877 by Ferdinand von Richthofen, who made seven expeditions to China from 1868 to 1872 The Silk Roads: Then and now ʅ Click the link above to launch the map. ʅ Click the lines on the map that make up the Silk Roads - Trade Routes.? Is the Silk Road one continuous route or many segments? [A network of multiple routes] ʅ Click the large green arrow on the map and read the text out loud. ʅ Click the button, Measure. Choose the Distance tool and set it to Miles. ʅ Zoom out.

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  1. Lesson #1: Traveling the Silk Road Teacher: Gina Lombardi-Dankmyer Grade Level: 9 Lesson Designed For: United States History (Beginnings to 1877) Objectives: • Students will be able to define the term, Silk Road. • Students will be able to locate various regions through which the Silk Road passed by completing a mapping activity. • Students will be able to describe what travel on the.
  2. • Map of the Silk Road • Teacher Self-Guide for Silk Road • colored pencils or crayons Procedures Discussion • Explain to students that goods were often traded between China, the Middle East, and Europe via the Silk Road. Tell students that the Silk Road was a vast network of trade routes that traversed Asia from 1500 B.C. A.D. until 1500. Explain that traders would travel the Silk.
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first appeared in The Silk Road 5/1 (2007): 1-10. The illustrations which may be found there are not included here. Richthofen's 'Silk Roads': Toward the Archaeology of a Concept. 1. by . Daniel C. Waugh . University of Washington (Seattle) How the important pioneers in the modern study of the Silk Roads have been remembered has changed substantially with each generation and very much. Silk Road Map . Find the points in bold and mark them on your map: The Chinese city of Chang'an (also spelled Xi' an) was the starting and ending point of the Silk Road. Caravans of soldiers and merchants assembled in Chang'an. They packed their goods on Bactrian Camels. Native to Asia, this breed of camel has two humps and can carry heavy loads for 30 miles a day. Camels are called the. The Silk Road Economic Belt: Considering Security Implications and EU-China Cooperation Prospect s (SIPRI: Stockholm, Feb. 2017). Executive summary THE 21ST CENTURY MARITIME SILK ROAD Security implications and ways forward for the European Union richard ghiasy, fei su and lora saalman. 2 the 21st century maritime silk road The geographic scope of the Road has been constantly expanding to new. Document A: The Silk Road Route (map) Document B: The Dunhuang Caves Document C: Crossing the Gobi Desert Document D: The City of Marakanda Document E: Silk Road Ledger (chart) @2011 The DBQ Project A Mini Document Based Qeestion (Mini-Q) 395 This page may be reproduced for classroom use . Background Essay Ancient Silk Roads Mini-Q The Silk Road: Recording the Journey EV The Heavenly Horses. Toprak-Kala Bukhara Marcanda/Afrasiab Samarkand Penjikent Tashkent Khokand Balkh Ba¯miya¯ n Hadda Kabul Lahore Peshawar GANDHA - RA Taxila Keriya Niya Kashgar Dandan-Uili

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- MAPS / ATLAS - 21st Century Silk Road - OBOR China's Initiative & Related Trade Routes A journey of a 1,000 miles begins with a single step. In 1877 the term Seidenstraße (Die Seidenstrassen, literally Silk Road) was coined by the German geographer, cartographer and explorer Ferdinand von Richthofen. The overland Silk Road & ancient routes cross the Asian continent, from China in Asia. Context: Over the centuries, the Silk Roads were an important conduit for the diffusion of products and technologies from China to the West. Silk, paper, and porcelain were three of the most sophisti-cated products of pre-modern technology. Silk and porcelain were luxuries whose beauty delighted people all over the world; paper was a material that changed the world. PAPER Before the invention. Silk Road Map. The Silk Road is an ancient route started from Xi'an to the Europe in the ancient time. Like Rome was not built in one day, the Silk Road was a joint effort of generations and kingdoms over the centuries. It had withstood over 2000 years' history and witnessed raise and fells of several great kingdoms. During its ups and. Step 3: Resources & Map Key - While you research the Virtual Tour, label the resources (artifacts/goods and ideas) you read about next to the corresponding location on your map. Create a map key (see map to right) with symbols for each different item. Resources to Use in Completing Your Map: Silk Road Wall Map (PDF) Physical Map of Asia (PDF

Early Silk Roads Power Point . Silk Roads Towns pdf (map) Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations • 6 - W1.2.2 Describe the importance of the natural environment in the development of agricultural settlements in different locations (e.g., available water for irrigation, adequate precipitation, and suitable growing season). • 7 - W1.1.1 Explain how and when human communities populated. Your journey follows one of the main Silk Road trade routes. On a modern map, it leads from Xi'an (in central China), to Turfan (in north-western China), and then on to Samarkand (in Uzbekistan), and Baghdad (in Iraq). Read the text boxes, and use an atlas if necessary to mark these places on the map. One example has been done to help you. This prosperous city was the homeland of the Sogdian. Silk Road to project its new foreign policy initiatives and political-economic initiatives, and India has apparently responded with counter-narratives to this Chinese appropriation of metaphors and analogies of the Maritime Silk Road for its policy initiatives. The Working Paper elaborates on the implications of this appropriation of historical imaginations and reconstruction of a Maritime. Jul 22, 2013 - The Silk Road and Arab Sea Routes Source: Adapted from Martin Jan Mansson. The Silk Road was the most enduring trade route in human history, being used for about 1,500 years. Its name is taken fro They may also want to look at online images of Silk Road maps in order to create one on their book. The map should stretch across all the pages on one side of the book. Once students have drawn and labeled their maps, have them draw images of their item or symbols of their item demonstrating a trail of travel from one location to another. (For example, if the student chooses silk, the map.

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Silk Road 3 to explain how physical features of the land influence the location of humanly defined structures including pathways, roads and trade routes such as the Silk Road. The lesson includes the following steps: Interest Building 1. Have the students use a map to locate China on a political map. 2. Help them to identify some of the cities. china_map_part_3.pdf: File Size: 46 kb: File Type: pdf: Download File. Quarter 3: February 25-March 1. Monday: China Map Part 2 Tuesday: Ch. 10.1 (MAP IS DUE) Wednesday: SNOW DAY Thursday: Shang Dynasty Reading (Due Friday with parent signature) Friday: Interactive Notebook Notes . Shang Dynasty Reading and Questions. Wednesday, March 15. shang_dynasty_reading_and_questions.pdf: File Size: 194. My Silk Road Journey Project . by Sharlyn Scott, Desert Vista High School, Tempe, Arizona . Level: Sophomore Regular and/or Honors World History and Geography . Background: This is the culminating project for a unit examining the Byzantine Empire, Rise of Islam, and Tang through Ming era China. Instruction should be included on the background and history of the Silk Road within that unit.

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Map of the One Belt, One Road Initiative Digital Silk Road, the Sino-Afghanistan Special Railway Transportation Project, the Five Nations Railway Project and a Kabul-Urumqi air corridor. The two governments are also exploring links with the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor that can transform Afghanistan into a regional trade and transit hub. This paper highlights the findings of a 15. Silk Road Economic Belt while on a visit to Kazakhstan, aimed at reviving historic trade routes Central Asia. Since then, the through project has been re- branded as the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and expanded to six overland ' belts' and one maritime road' ' encompassing over 70 partner countries; Central Asia is still a key part of the project, with two of the six overland routes passing. SILK ROAD AS SO CI AT ES Belt & Road: Opportunity & Risk The prospects and perils of building China's New Silk Road. 2 a á ˇ Belt and Road: What you need to know • The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is a combination of two initiatives: a 21st Century Maritime Silk Road and a Silk Road Economic Belt. Both initiatives were announced by President Xi Jinping in 2013. • BRI is also known as.

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The Traveling the Silk Road exhibition takes you along the world's oldest international highway, a voyage that spans six centuries (AD 600 to 1200). It showcases four representative cities: Xi'an, Turfan, Samarkand, and Baghdad. Choose a city Silk Road travel guide. The Silk Road is best described as a collection of intricate paths that form a network (so intricate that a travel guide is definitely required reading). Beginning in the former capital of China, Xī'ān, the route crosses mountain-tops and desert plains into Central Asia. The Silk Road played a considerable role in the development of China, Korea, Japan, India, Iran.

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The Silk Road, or as the Turks referred to it, Uzun Yol (Long Road), is an ancient trade route connecting the occident and the orient; running between China and Europe it has been an important conduit of commerce and knowledge since Classical times. The expansion of the Macedonian Empire under Alexander the Great probably provided the impetus that created the early Silk Road and it was further. Silk Road (englisch für Seidenstraße, als Anspielung auf die historische Handelsroute) war ein als Hidden Service im Tor-Netzwerk betriebener virtueller Schwarzmarkt.Insbesondere wurden dort illegale Drogen und verschiedene digitale Güter gehandelt, wobei als einziges Zahlungsmittel die Kryptowährung Bitcoin zum Einsatz kam. Nachdem die ursprüngliche Plattform nach zweieinhalb Jahren.

Dec 22, 2015 - One page reading about the silk road, with one page of questions. Reading covers the silk roads uses, dangers, products shipped, cultural exchanges, and replacement by sea travel. Questions include: -vocabulary from context -reading comprehension - analogies -cause and effect activit Maps from the article The Indian Ocean in Eurasian and African World-Systems before the Sixteenth Century, by Philippe Beaujard, in Journal of World History 16, no. 4 (2005). Reprinted with permission. 1st to 3rd Century [PDF] 7th to 9th Century [PDF] 11th to early 13th Century [PDF] 13th and 14th Centuries [PDF] 15th Century [PDF] • The Silk Roads: An Educational Resource [Education About.

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The Silk Road Economic Belt (the Belt) component of the Belt and Road Initiative, announced by Xi Jinping over four years ago, represents an ambitious Chinese vision to promote infrastructural development and connectivity, and stimulate economic integration across the Eurasian continent. Ostensibly an economic initiative, the Belt also has important strategic implications, and is likely. Silk Road (MSR) proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping in September and October 2013 respectively. According to China's White Book issued in March 2015, the BRI aims to promote the connectivity of Asian, European and African continents and their adjacent seas, establish and strengthen partnerships among the countries along the Belt and Road, set up all-dimensional, multi-tiered and. Created Date: 8/18/2009 12:19:15 P Silk Road Curriculum Project 2018-2019 Ingrid Herskind 1 Title of Lesson Plan: Silk Road: (3-4) and pass out copies of maps/graphs (Appendix A). Students should use maps to complete Handout #1 (20 minutes). Bring students together as a whole group to debrief. What are some of the relevant larger contextual factors influencing their Silk Road group? • Assign each student to a profile. SILK ROAD MAP CHECKLIST & SCORING GUIDE Directions: Create a map showing the places, items and dangers listed below that one would experience while traveling along the Silk Road routes. You will need to refer to the gold Ancient World textbook (p. 159 and the green Historical Atlas (p. 43). Be sure to follow the checklist below, checking off each item as you mark it on your map. Map Title.

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Chapter 24-FCAs for Silk Road MAP.pdf Loadin Silk Roads map and Data analysis Use the map, your text p. 2and 85chart packet provided. to answer the questions below on this handout using phrases. 1. Why are these trade routes called the Silk Roads {plural), NOT the Silk Road? Snapshot Economic Exchange along the Silk Roads Region Products Contributed to SHk Road Commerce China silk, bamboo, mirrors, unpowder, paper, rhubarb, ginger. Then you will need the Trax2 Silk Road Map A4 digital PDF as without it you will not be able to find your way around the Silk Road within China. As this Map of China's Silk Road (an A4 digital PDF) covers every inch of the Silk Road in China including all the Southern Silk Road routes too. So plan ahead and download your Trax2 Silk Road Map A4 digital pdf NOW . Once your order has been. Polar Silk Road (2018) Qingdao Port of Klaipeda. Arkhangelsk. Kirkenes Port. Warsaw. Yiwu. Yamal. Japan │World's largest LNG importer. Murmansk Port. In 2016, Russia produced 11 million tonnes/yr of LNG; by 2035, its goal is 120 million. Vladivostok. Zebrugge Port. Population (2016) Chin Silk Road Other trade routes N S E W 05 00 1,000 kilometers 050 1,000 miles AW_ISN_24_RN-2 B/W Western Half of Silk Road Fifth Proof TCI18 85 ASIA EUROPE INDIA CHINA PERSIA Chang'an AFRIC A Antioch The Western Half of the Silk Road During the Han Dynast Silk Road Interactive Map: Follow our journey. Chapter 1 China. Chapter 2 Kazakhstan. Chapter 3 India. Chapter 4 Oman. Chapter 5 UAE. Chapter 6 Armenia. Chapter 7 Georgia. Chapter 8 Norway

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