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  1. A dashboard is a set of one or more panels organized and arranged into one or more rows. Grafana ships with a variety of Panels. Grafana makes it easy to construct the right queries, and customize the display properties so that you can create the perfect dashboard for your need
  2. Grafana is a great way to visualize data. It is a great alternative to Power Bi, Tableau, Qlikview, and several others in the domain, though all these are great business intelligence visualization tools.. Grafana dashboards can be used for many purposes. Businesses and organizations can use Grafana dashboards to visualize analytics and present them in an easy to understand manner
  3. Having a dashboard with the number of records in your database is useful-but not very impressive. I normally start my dashboards using existing logs. If you don't already have a central place to store the logs from different parts of your application, try Scalyr with your Grafana dashboard now
  4. Grafana is a great free tool to build dashboards that can display any data in lots of different and well looking ways. It does not collect or save the data itself though, instead it connects to a data source that you have to provide. Most smart home systems make that very easy
  5. I have asked this question on Grafana slack, community and on Reddit. Now time to try my luck here :) We have integrated Grafana access via OAuth sign in. Users would be authorized by an external O..
  6. Grafana offers to import open source Dashboard Design or allow you to create a new template. In this article, we will use custom dashboard design by our own and get Sonar Metrics for eg., Code Coverage. In case, if you want to use existing template available in the market, Go to Dashboard and Select Import and add its id like below
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  1. This dashboard contains five different sections, one to monitor the ESXi and vCenter Performance, another for Virtual Machines Performance, another for Disks, another for Storage and another for Hosts and Hosts IPMI. The Dashboard has variables to make it easier to use, and more suitable for all different workloads out there
  2. We will create a Grafana dashboard for a VM's most important metrics, learn to create advanced dashboards with filters for multiple instance metrics, import and export dashboards, learn to refresh intervals in dashboards and learn about plugins. To start, we will need a metrics source from which we will add metrics to Grafana for visualization
  3. In den vorherigen Artikeln haben wir jetzt die Grafana Dashboard-Software installiert, konfiguriert und gemeinsam die ersten Dashboards aufgebaut. Im nächsten Schritt möchte ich euch jetzt zeigen, wie man Grafana für die Einbindung des Dashboards in andere Systeme konfigurieren muss. Dazu schauen wir uns im ersten Schritt die Grafana Einstellungen an. Klicke dazu auf das User-Profil Icon.
  4. Grafana is a great open source time series visualization and analytical suite. Among other things, Grafana readily integrates with InfluxDB and Telegraf to make monitoring of sensor, system and network metrics much easier and far more insightful. The process of setting up a Grafana dashboard and integrating it with various data sources is straightforward. By clicking on Add Data Source.
  5. The dashboard will have line charts as data visualizations that make use of aggregate SQL functions and Grafana global variables for sampling data based on dashboard settings
  6. Die Tage wurde ein interessantes Grafana Dashboard für einen Eigenbau Router (opnsense) vorgestellt. Da kam die Idee auf so ein Dashboard für die Fritzbox aufzubauen. Dazu findet man einiges im Netz. Eine Lösung war die Umsetzung mit einer InfluxDB die von einem Exporter Dienst befüllt wird. Das war schon ganz gut aber die Umsetzung ein wahres Grauen. Zumal die Docker Container eine.

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  1. Exchange Server Dashboards: Grafana, InfluxDB, PowerShell, PRTG und Telegraf. 14. Februar 2019 von Frank Zöchling. Jan Kappen hat zum Thema Grafana, InfluxDB und PowerShell ein super HowTo geschrieben. Jan beschreibt die Installation, Konfiguration und Nutzung von Grafana und InfluxDB auf seinem Blog: Grafana, InfluxDB und Windows PowerShell.
  2. Grafana Dashboards. This repository contains sample Dashboards to help you with a quick start. They may not cover all or explicit use cases and may be extended in the future. Data Sources. Please note that these Dashboards require a specific Data Source configuration. For more input, please consult our documentation. Dashboards
  3. Detailed dashboard for monitoring of Ubiquiti UniFi Access Points via SNMP; Extra. Sample Quick Start for InfluxDB/Telegraf/Grafana stack using Docker; Potential additional dashboards may include: EdgeSwitch, BSD, Linux, Solaris, Raspbian (Raspberry Pi) References. These dashboards, along with screenshots, may also be found at https://grafana.
  4. $__timeFilter(pickupDatetime)tells Grafana to send the start-time and end-time defined in the dashboard to the QuestDB server. Given the settings we have configured so far with our date range.
  5. The Prometheus/Grafana combination works well for individual clusters, but as teams scale out and start working with multiple clusters, monitoring requirements become correspondingly more complex. For effective multi-cluster monitoring, a single pane of glass with centralized real-time monitoring, time series comparisons across and within clusters and high availability is essential for teams.
  6. As Grafana powers our star product - Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) - we have developed a lot of experience creating Grafana Dashboards over the last few years. In this article, I will share some of the considerations for designing Grafana Dashboards. As usual, when it comes to questions of design they are quite subjective, and I do not expect you to chose to apply all of them to.

Grafana ist eine Open-Source Anwendung, mit der Daten aus verschiedenen Datenquellen (z.B. InfluxDB, MySQL, ) gelesen und über ein Dashboard visualisiert werden können. In der Visualisierung stehen viele verschiedene Darstellungsmöglichkeiten zur Verfügung Grafana Dashboard Spec Schema description documents for Grafana Dashboard JSON and core panels using the OpenAPI Specification. Also in this repository is a code generator that uses the schema documents to generate libraries for writing Grafana dashboards as code Only Default dashboard available in the field even if I follow the tip to start the dashboard and try after. Grafana 5.0. 1 Copy link fake-name commented Jun 30, 2018 • edited Ok, it's been 3 years, this issue is marked as fixed, but it's still present. Either the default home dashboard needs to be not editable, or you need to be able to save changes you make to it. The fact that. Using Grafana we can provide several monitoring visualizations that combines metrics, logs and tracing data from different data sources into one single dashboard which can be exhibited in each individual panel and that panel can contain a graph, a Singlestat, a table, a heatmap, and freetext, and it can also integrate with both proprietary and community-created plugins too (like a clock or. The power of Grafana lies in its state-of-the-art interactive dashboards. These dashboards and their easy-to-customize features are the reasons why most of the dev-ops community stick to Grafana as their primary monitoring tool. Grafana doesn't come with any pre-built dashboards. It must be customized from the start

Visualizing Metrics with Grafana. This task shows you how to setup and use the Istio Dashboard to monitor mesh traffic. As part of this task, you will use the Grafana Istio addon and the web-based interface for viewing service mesh traffic data. sample application is used as the example application throughout this task GraphQL, Grafana and Dash. From the above three except for GraphQL other two are used for data visualization. Today's data visualization tools go beyond the standard charts and graphs used in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, displaying data in more sophisticated ways such as infographics, dials and gauges, geographic maps, sparklines, heat maps, and detailed bar, pie and scatter plots I have asked this question on Grafana slack, community and on Reddit. Now time to try my luck here :) We have integrated Grafana access via OAuth sign in. Users would be authorized by an external O..

The easiest option for displaying your Grafana dashboards with Screenly is to make your dashboards public. This step will provide you with a URL link to your live Grafana dashboard. Next, simply add this URL as an Asset within your Screenly account, and assign this asset to one of your screens. Your live Grafana dashboard will then start playing on your digital sign. It's that easy Building IoT dashboards . To start building your dashboard, go to the plus sign on the left hand side of the home page, and add a new dashboard. Then add a new panel and add a query. You can see the beginning of a new dashboard in the image below: For more instructions on how to build a Grafana dashboard from scratch, read our full tutorial here

Let's start with installation: Get a basic dashboard written in python with: It is important now to check two places in example-core.dashboard.py : dataSource: name of your datasource in grafana. For a real-time dashboard, we want to be able to see our events in less than 1 minute of delay, Grafana does just this, it allows us to set a refresh interval of 5 seconds, which covers our need. I run Grafana 7.2.0 Open Source Edition and need to embed a website into the dashboard itself. That is, I need a row or two of the usual panels of graphs, and below them embed an external web site. Grafana is a nice suit for visualizing monitoring data and building dashboards. Attention to style is probably its best selling feature. But in my case I don't think it would add me fundamentally more than I already have with Graphite. Server graph indicating low memory condition does its job well no matter how beautiful its font is. Interestingly enough, the amount of time I spent playing. Grafana dashboard. The most popular Grafana dashboard for Windows servers is called Windows Node and can be downloaded from Grafana website here.This dashboard is compatible with WMI.

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Start by logging into Grafana and clicking the + button on the left. This will create a new dashboard. The first element will track % Processor time with a graph. In the New dashboard, click Graph. Add Graph. Select Panel Title and Edit. Edit Panel Title Grafana DashboardsGrafana is a full-featured interactive dashboard which comes standard with all Hosted Graphite plans. To create a new dashboard, click the Home dropdown in the top left corner and select New. You can add new rows and panels to the dashboard as shown below. To add a metric to a graph click the title of the panel and select edit to open the graph editor. From there you can. Initializing Grafana with preconfigured dashboards. Grafana v5 is coming with two great features: dashboard and data source provisioning. Checkout how to initialize a dashboard without touching the UI using this new release. this week the team behind Grafana released a beta release of Grafana v5 (which is almost there - check the milestone) and.

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Export Grafana Dashboards to PDF Reports in a Snap. Skedler is easy to install, configure and use with Grafana. Start exporting Grafana dashboards to PDF reports in minutes and save up to 10 hours per week. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV. Install Grafana. Add data source. Create your dashboard. Invite your team. Install apps & plugins. We'll focus on the first three as its assumed that this is a homelab where you don't have a lot of users and for now won't need any apps or plugins. Now we can move on to the next step This tutorial provides a soup-to-nuts introduction to Grafana on ClickHouse. We will start with installation, walk through development of a sample dashboard, and show basic techniques you can use to construct your own dashboards. Altinity maintains the ClickHouse Grafana plugin, so we'll finish with a couple of notes on reporting issues and posting pull requests. Grafana has such a rich. A tutorial on creating an awesome monitoring dashboard using Zabbix & Grafana. I always wanted to setup a good monitoring tool for our servers and finally managed to setup Zabbix. A monitoring tool is a must for any IT pro who manages servers. With a tool like Zabbix you get an overall summary of all your servers health and furthermore helps you keep track of any major changes. Zabbix is an. If using Grafana UI to generate dashboards is too tiring or time extensive, Grafonnet might be worth considering when using lots of similar dashboards or panels as long as you find the right balance between customizing and reusing your custom templates. On the other hand, all changes will need to be done within the Jsonnet files since changes within the UI won't change the corresponding file

Jitsi Meet Statistik als Grafana Dashboard. In dieser Anleitung zeige ich, wie die Jitsi Meet Statistik übersichtlich auf einem Grafana Dashboard dargestellt wird. Dazu wird die Statistik der Videobridge aktiviert, mittels Telegraf werden die Daten abgeholt, in einer InfluxDB Datenbank gespeichert und mit Grafana visualisiert Grafana: Grafana is the #1 most popular open source dashboard tool, with 37K+ github stars and a massive community. The tool lets you load data from many different data sources and build custom dashboards based on the data. There are other open source dashboard tools like Dash, though we've found Grafana to be the most simple-to-use and. Grafana allows you to query, visualize, alert on and understand your metrics no matter where they are stored. Create, explore, and share dashboards with your..

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My end goal was to be able to start Grafana with both a Prometheus data source and a dashboard (the predefined JVM dashboard instance) already configured. Below you can see the grafana directory containing files that I added to my project to supply Grafana configuration: Provisioning Prometheus as a Grafana data source. According to my docker compose configuration the prometheus service is. If you're seeing this Grafana has failed to load its application files. 1. This could be caused by your reverse proxy settings. 2. If you host grafana under subpath make sure your grafana.ini root_url setting includes subpath. If not using a reverse proxy make sure to set serve_from_sub_path to true. 3. If you have a local dev build make sure you build frontend using: yarn start, yarn start. After importing the Prometheus Dashboard, you will immediately be taken to the Prometheus Stats Dashboard, and if everything is properly configured, you will start to see statistics from your Prometheus server. Important: Click the Save button in the top menu to save your dashboard within your Grafana instance. If you do not save your dashboard.

Figure 3 - Download Grafana In the following page that appears, select the latest version that is available. At the time of writing this article, the latest version is 7.0.0, which might be different at some later point.Select the Edition as Open Source and Platform as Windows.If you want to install the Grafana Dashboard for some other operating systems, you can choose it from this step Introduction To complement our Jitsi installation, we add a grafana dashboard to it so we can control usage, system load, traffic spikes etc. For the sake of simplicity, we run our grafana, telegraf and influxdb instances in the same jail as jitsi-meet, so this post builds on top of the post explaining how to set up jitsi-meet. Initial Set Up We connect to the jail and install the packages. Grafana dashboard templating is used to make your dashboards more interactive. In short, you create dashboard Template variables that can be used almost anywhere in a Grafana dashboard. The use of variables allows you to make dynamic, on-the-fly changes to the dashboard. This significantly adds to the usefulness and power of Grafana

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Grafana released v5.0 at GrafanaCon last week. It is a significant update packed with mouth-watering features. I've been testing the beta for quite some time and was very impressed with the maturity already in Beta. Most people will notice the New Dashboard Engine, UX, and themes as prominen Examples. Simple Grafana 5.x dashboard: Please note that the layout has changed, no row objects and new possible nesting of panel objects. You need to set schemaVersion parameter on dashboard object to at least 16. local grafana = import 'grafonnet/grafana.libsonnet'; local dashboard = grafana.dashboard; local row = grafana.row; local. I recently made a post on Reddit showcasing my Grafana dashboard. I wasn't expecting it to really get any clicks, but as a labor of love I thought I'd spark the interest of a few people. I got a significant amount of feedback requesting that I make a blog post to show how I setup the individual parts to make my Grafana dashboard sparkle. Let's start with the basics. What the heck is. service grafana-server start; Ergebnis Die in der css Datei eingestellten Farben werden angewendet, wenn ihr das Dashboard über ein iframe + Link einbindet oder wenn ihr in Grafana den Direct link rendered image nutzt. 1 Reply Last reply Reply Quote 1. OliverIO @Feuersturm last edited by @Feuersturm rand verändern ist schwierig, da das fest in den react widgets von grafana eingestellt ist.

Grafana dashboard for pfSense; Network UPS Tools; Site-to-Site VPN with OpenVPN; Suricata installation and configuration; This site uses Just the Docs, a documentation theme for Jekyll. psychogun on GitHub ; pfSense; Grafana dashboard for pfSense; Grafana dashboard for pfSense . This is how I used Grafana to display dashboard for vitals from my pfSense firewall. I was able to do this because. Once you've logged into Grafana, add InfluxDb as the default data source and start creating dashboards. Add influxDb Url, Setting up the dashboards in grafana is pretty straightforward. The data will be fetched through a query in which you can either write yourself or use the gUI option. i.e To receive the mean room temperature you will do something like this: Formulating a query. My. Grafana. Suggest Edits. Resilience4j provides a Grafana dashboard which you can import into Grafana for a quick start 利用Grafana为zabbix做dashboard. max的vlog systemctl start grafana-server systemctl enable grafana-server 二、对接zabbix系统 . 首先打开grafana页面,地址为:你的grafana服务器ip地址+3000端口(比如192.168..2:3000,你也可以给系统配个域名,比如yaoniming:3000),然后我们就可以看到如下登录界面: . 帐号密码均为admin.

However the dashboards shows only the data from the current server. Our goal now it to present in one dashboard the content of all the relevant servers from one centralised Grafana. 1. Use one. Beginners guide to building dashboardsGrafana web sitehttp://grafana.org/Grafana Live Demohttp://play.grafana.org/Installation instructions & downloadhttp://..

I have a grafana docker image which have hawkular-datasource pre-configured using configuration files. After after running grafana instance, I have a json given by teammate, which can be imported inside grafana and that json file creates dashboard when imported. How do I make that dashboards appear by default in Grafana instance Importing an existing Dashboard¶ Navigate to → Import and either upload the json file you received or use the grafana.com ID. During importing you can provide a dashboard name and folder. You'll also be asked to map the data sources to your environment. If you used our data source names above, you can simply search for the same name Flux support in Grafana is available via a new datasource plugin For now, no automated way to migrate dashboards Transpiler for Influx queries is being worked on You can migrate your dashboards and panels manually . Flux Design Goals Decouple language from the execution engine Execution engine takes a DAG of transformations Transpilers: Flux, Influx Query, PromQL Decouple database from query.

Azure Monitor - Install AKS Monitoring Grafana Dashboard With Azure AD Integration Using Helm. Posted on October 18, 2019 October 20, 2019 Author stefanroth Comments(2) In my last post I showed you how to configure Kubernetes to configure Azure Monitor scraping to collect Prometheus metrics from a GO application. This time I would like to show you how to present this data properly in a nice. Grafana: It is the Dashboard that is responsible for displaying all the information that InfluxDB has stored in the Databases; Both Grafana and InfluxDB are prepared to ingest information from different origins, which makes us able to add other components if we would like to, such as Prometheus, Chronograf, etc. Installation and configuration of InfluxDB. At the moment I'm still using. Monitoring: Grafana 8.0 ist alarmierend informativ Das vollständig überarbeitete Alerting-System ist nur eines von zahlreichen Highlights der neuen Grafana-Hauptversion Grafana has a huge community contributing to an endless list of dashboards (and plugins) that can be easily installed and used. This is one of the main reasons why Grafana is so popular to start with. Simply search for the dashboard you're trying to build and install one of the available, official, and community dashboards. And if you're in.

Ein Dashboard innerhalb von Grafana stellt eine zusammenfassende Einheit für die Organisation von Diagrammen bzw. Panels dar. Innerhalb eines Dashboards wird beispielsweise die Zeitspanne definiert und alle untergeordneten Diagramme/Panels teilen sich dann den eingestellten Datumsbereich. Das Benutzerinterface erklärt. Im folgenden Screenshot siehst du ein einfaches Grafana Dashboard mit. I was able to use the API to star the dashboards using the admin credentials. But, per our integration, most of the users would be logging in using OAuth. Since the star API is per user, how can I star the dashboards for these OAuth users ? I would like these user to see all the available dashboards (links to those) on the homepage itself. Is there any API using which I can make the stars. In this post I want to describe the basic API operations with Grafana dashboards, which are necessary if you need to create and update dozens and hundreds of dashboards. Doing all this in the GUI will be painful. Grafana has a pretty logical and well-documented API. The only tricky moments I had were getting a list of all dashboard and editing an existing dashboard. Vulnerability. But let's. 1. Create a Grafana Prometheus Dashboard. Once we have the right metric coordinates captured, it's time to create our first Prometheus Grafana dashboard. Click the Grafana Logo to get the side toolbar, and then click + followed by Dashboard: This will create a new dashboard and add our first panel: 2 Grafana is a nice suit for visualizing monitoring data and building dashboards. Attention to style is probably its best selling feature. But in my case I don't think it would add me fundamentally more than I already have with Graphite. Server graph indicating low memory condition does its job well no matter how beautiful its font is. Interestingly enough, the amount of time I spent playing.

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To create a new variable, go to your Grafana dashboard settings, navigate to the Variable option in the side-menu, and then click the Add variable button. In this case, we use the Query type. The 1st dashboard i'm working with is the following: db_netapp-dashboard-7-mode-group.json . It looks like some more recent dashboards like db_netapp-detail-snapmirror.json is having all the queries pre-defined.. Running harvest v1.6 , grafana v6.3.5 . Thanks! Martin

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Grafana has the concept of Dashboards and Panels. A panel displays some set of metrics or values, using a variety of visualizations - e.g. a line graph, bar chart, single value, traffic light, etc. A dashboard is a set of panels, grouped however you like - e.g. you could have three horizontal panels all the same size, or maybe mix and match different sized-panels Now that your dashboard is downloaded, in Grafana, go to Dashboards > Import > Upload .json file. If you press Import, you entire MySQL dashboard will be created automatically and it will start displaying data immediately! This is the MySQL overview dashboard, but there are more than 20+ dashboards for you to choose from GitHub is where people build software. More than 56 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 100 million projects The second part of this blogpost is about configuring Grafana and creating dashboards. Installing Grafana. Lets start by installing Grafana. There are multiple ways to install Grafana. In this.

That should automatically have Telegraf start sending data (you can double check by going to the Services tab under the Status dropdown). Now that Telegraf is sending data for us to use, we can go on to setting up the dashboard. The Dashboard. One of the best parts of Grafana is the large community of people publishing dashboards for everyone to use. You can search through them here. For this. How to Build a Grafana Dashboard with Node-RED & InfluxDB Performance & Operations In this final part of our Node-RED integration blog series , I will be covering how you can accelerate your website performance monitoring strategy by building a custom dashboard using the popular open data visualization platform, Grafana

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  1. Import Grafana Dashboards easily So that you don't have to waste hours configuring a new Dashboard, and ingesting and debugging you want, I have already created four wonderful Dashboards with everything you need to monitor our environment in a very simple way, you will be like the image I showed you above
  2. 在 Grafana 中有「Dashboard」和「Panel」的概念,Dashboard 可以理解成「看板」,而 Panel 可以理解成「图表,一个看看板中包含了无数个图表。例如下图就是一个看板(Dashboard): 里面一个个小的图表,就是一个个小的图表(Panel)。 点击「+号」-> 「Dashboard」就可以添加一个大面板。 添加后的面板是.
  3. SCCM Dashboards with Grafana (Part 2 — Client, distribution and OS info) SCCM Dashboards with Grafana (Part 3 — Updates and SCEP Definitions) T his will be a multi part series in which I will cover the installation and configuration of Grafana dashboards for SCCM. They are superior to the built-in reports in every way can can provide a solid monitoring and troubleshooting solution.

grafana-dashboard-builder is an open-source tool for easier creation of Grafana dashboards. It is written in Python and uses YAML descriptors for dashboard templates. This project has been inspired by Jenkins Job Builder that allows users to describe Jenkins jobs with human-readable format. grafana-dashboard-builder aims to provide similar simplicity to Grafana dashboard creation and to give. After logging in to the Grafana application, you should end up on the Home dashboard, as shown. After logging in to the Grafana application, you should end up on the Home dashboard, as shown. This website uses cookies and other tracking technology to analyse traffic, personalise ads and learn how we can improve the experience for our visitors and customers. We may also share information with.

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HeimProjekt: Fritzbox Internetbandbreite messen und visualisieren. März 28, 2020 von Werner. Die aktuellen Zeiten sind schon seltsame Zeiten. Cloud-Anbieter und die Unternehmens-ID laufen in Kapaztätsengpässe, Home Office ist der quasi-Standard für jene, die zum Arbeiten nicht vor Ort sein müssen. Netflix und YouTube reduzieren die. Reopen the dashboard, and you should begin to see data. Note that there are now 2 database users, grafana@localhost: Used by the Grafana dashboard, to query the collected data from the MySQL server.This user has been granted the SELECT privilege only.. my2@localhost: Used by the MySQL event scheduler to collect statistics and save them into the DB for use by the Grafana dashboard Grafana Dashboards Manager Sat, Apr 28, 2018. At CozyCloud, most of my work orbites around monitoring and supervision.That's the main reason explaning why I was tasked with dealing with Zabbix supervision on a remote infrastructure we're setting up, and it also explains why I'll write some more on monitoring solutions in the future.. As you already know, some of it is done using Zabbix.

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  1. ado con la configuración de Pandora FMS como origen de datos, vamos a ver brevemente cómo funcionaría. Primero tenemos que ir al menú Create > Dashboard, y en el panel que nos aparecerá hacer click en el botón Add query : Esto nos llevará a.
  2. Amazon Managed Service for Grafana (AMG) is a fully managed and secure data visualization service that enables customers to instantly query, correlate, and visualize operational metrics, logs, and traces for their applications from multiple data sources. AMG is based on the open source Grafana project, a widely deployed data visualization tool popular for its extensible [
  3. Grafana is an analytics platform for all of your metrics. Grafana allows you to query, visualize, alert on and understand your metrics no matter where they are stored. Create, explore, and share dashboards with your team and foster a data driven culture. Trusted and loved by the community
  4. Grafana All of these monitoring applications are preinstalled and integrated together to provide you with an effective and cohesive monitoring solution - right out of the box! To learn the steps involved in setting up the monitoring solution check out the Monitoring K8s with the Kubernetes Dashboard, Prometheus, and Grafana lab
  5. Dashboards InfluxDat
  6. Build a monitoring dashboard with QuestDB and Grafana
How to Monitor MySQL Deployments with Prometheus & GrafanaBuild a Monitoring Dashboard With QuestDB and GrafanaCómo montar un dashboard de Bitcoin con InfluxDB, GrafanaGitLabDataLinks: enable access to labels & field names (#18918Time range from & to as template variables · Issue #1909
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