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Ritual King Manchester, UK 3 Piece Stoner/Blues/Psych band based in Manchester, UK. Signed to Ripple Music for their Self Titled 7 track debut album. Pre orders available now Get all 3 Ritual King releases available on Bandcamp and save 20%. Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality downloads of Ritual King, Earthrise, and Elixir Ritual King. Manchester, UK. 3 Piece Stoner/Blues/Psych band based in Manchester, UK. Signed to Ripple Music for their Self Titled 7 track debut album. Pre orders available now Ritual King s/t Limited Edition Splatter Vinyl LP Record/Vinyl + Digital Album Limited version is an edition of 150 copies pressed on half mint green and half white vinyl with black and magenta splatter. Includes unlimited streaming of Ritual King via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more

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  1. Ritual King by Ritual King, released 21 February 2020 1. Valleys 2. No Compromise 3. Headspace 4. 602 5. Dead Roads 6. Restrain 7. Black Hills With an energetic style blending a mixture of riff rock and heavy psych influences, Manchester, UK three-piece RITUAL KING has been compared to Fu Manchu for the greasy hot-wheeling sound, Graveyard, Blues Pills and Elder for the blues-laden.
  2. Valleys by Ripple Music, released 21 February 202

Earthrise by Ritual King, released 23 February 2018 1. Ideology 2. Tides 3. But Anyway 3 Track EP, available also on Digipack C Ritual by KING SHOJI, released 22 October 2019 1. A Storm of Red 2. When It's Time for You 3. Castle Deep 4. DEBBIE's Rage 5. Coaxia Welcome to the home of Ritual King, heavy stoner/pscyh rock from Manchester UK. Debut self titled album out now on Ripple Music! Available on all major digital platforms including Spotiy, Itunes, Apple Music, Google Play and Amazon Music! Order physical copies now through Bandcamp >> https://ritualking.bandcamp.com/album/ritual-king Ritual King Ritual King. Share. CD Digipac

Fans have paid artists $752 million using Bandcamp, and $15.1 million in the last 30 days alone. Fans have paid artists $752 million using Bandcamp , and $15.1 million in the last 30 days alone. Selling Right Now paused (and yes, this really is a live feed — when you hear nobody pays for music anymore, that's just The Man spreading his agenda Includes unlimited streaming of Ritual King via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. Sold Out. Subscription. Subscribe now to receive all the new music Ripple Music releases, including 58 back-catalog items, delivered instantly to you via the Bandcamp app for iOS and Android. You'll also get access to subscriber-only exclusives. Learn more. Subscribe Now.

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Black Hills by Ritual King, released 21 February 202 Ritual King TURNED TO STONE Chapter 1: Enter Galactic Wasteland MR BISON / SPACETRUCKER Ripples of Doom Hymns of the Damned Hazemaze Stranded Void Vator Forever, Never or Whenever Devil to Pay Power of Darkness Sister Midnight Flames Arise Lowcaster People Stew State of Shock War Cloud Second Coming of Heavy: Chapter 10 The W Likes / Palace in Thunderland All is Lost Dead Feathers The Thief. Ritual King. 3,603 likes · 66 talking about this. Heavy Stoner/Psych blues from Manchester, UK. Self Titled debut Album available through our Bandcamp or Ripple Music US and EU stores >>..

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  1. Ritual King Slaughter by Xylitol, released 06 January 2006 A psychic attack on the vampire class, an unholy mass to the forgotten dead & barely alive of Coalition Britain, the snarl of a half dead animal who's just summoned the courage to savage its tormentor Xylitol. go to albu
  2. g of Ritual King via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more
  3. 602 by Ripple Music, released 21 February 202

Valley of the Kings by Ritual, released 03 September 2008 ** SORRY, THIS ALBUM IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE THROUGH SHADOW KINGDOM RECORDS ** This old cult band from the UK started playing in 1973 and it wasn't until 1983 until they got their first full-length out called Widow. Strangely enough the band was referred to as WIDOW back then because apparently the records that were floating around had. Ritual King. 3,499 likes · 6 talking about this. Heavy Stoner/Psych blues from Manchester, UK. Preorder the Self Titled debut Album through our Bandcamp or Ripple Music US and EU stores >>.. Get all 3 Ritual King releases available on Bandcamp and save 20%.. Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality downloads of Ritual King, Earthrise, and Elixir

Includes unlimited streaming of Ritual King via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. Sold Out. Ritual King 12 Black Vinyl Record/Vinyl + Digital Album 7 Track debut LP in standard Black Finish Includes unlimited streaming of Ritual King via the free Bandcamp app, plus high. The Ritual by King Diamond, released 21 October 200

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  1. Possessed By Machines by Ritual Mortis, released 26 June 2020 1. Possessed By Machines 2. Nailed Upon Liberty 3. Skills Of Total Desolation 4. Celestial Serpents (Deeds Of Flesh COVER) [R.I.P ERIK LINDMARK] 5. Monument Of Ashes 6. Archaic Dread Of Repetitive Violence 7. Horrid Commandment 8. Last Hostag
  2. Ritual Records The Brain-Child of Hysteria, HighStyle and Glitch! Our VIBE: We are a Net-Label dedicated to showcasing South African PSY Talent Our MISSION: More Diversity in the Scene! Our SOUND: High Energy, Full-Power, Full-on, Twilight, Night-Time, Hard, Dark, Goa, ANYTHING! ReZiN - Residual Effects by ReZiN, released 09 May 2012 1
  3. Lakeshore Records. Los Angeles, California. The Official Bandcamp of Lakeshore Records, the independent music division of Lakeshore Entertainmen
  4. after me porcelain Punks i'll prob'ly.
  5. Night Ritual Night Ritual is a label. Mountain Extractor/Cloud Attractor by Curling Hands, released 07 July 2014 1. Mountain Extractor 2. Hash Crusher 3. Skeletal Priest 4. Ear Crust 5. Cloud Attracto
  6. Pale Ritual Atmospheric death/black metal duo Cameron Morris - guitar, bass, vocals Matt Morris - drums, vocals Acolytes, released 12 October 2018 1. Fog Enshrined 2. Groaning in Circles 3. Endless Dream 4. Path of Glass Shards 5. Fear and Fate 6. Ceremonial Solitud
  7. Temple by Wolvennest, released 12 December 2020 1. Mantra 2. Swear To Fire 3. Alecto 4. Incarnation 5. All That Black 6. Succubus (feat. King Dude) 7. Disappear 8. Souffle De Mort While we stayed in the abyss these last months we followed the dark path to the light fearless and confident... WOLVENNEST were started in 2013 by Kirby Michel, Corvus Von Burtle and Marc De Backer

Indus Valley Kings by Indus Valley Kings, released 22 January 2021 1. Angels 2. Cactus People 3. The Method 4. Remains of Yesterday 5. Devil 6. Phoenix 7. Scapegoat 8. Rest in Waste 9. 1000 Wicked Souls The debut album from Long Island, NY's Indus Valley Kings. Recorded live at Shorefire Studios in Long Branch, NJ by Joe DeMaio Ritual Inscription by Ritual Inscription, released 25 November 2020 1. Lost in Labyrinthine Delusion 2. Scrying Visions of Agony 3. Liminal & Luminous 4. Ritual Inscription nectarofsubmission@gmail.com If cassettes run out on here send me an email. Gonna do a second run of tapes 777 by Ritual Servant, released 30 April 2017 1. SEVEN TRUMPETS 2. THE SACRIFICE 3. THE JUST 777 - Debut EP SEVEN TRUMPETS - Best / Boone (based on Revelation 8-11) THE SACRIFICE - Best / Boone (based on the Passion according to the Gospels) THE JUST - Best / Boone (based on 1st Samuel 17) All songs by Ritual Servant Guitars, Bass and Vocals recorded and produced by Brian McKenzie Drums. Invisible Ritual by Jennifer Curtis & Tyshawn Sorey, released 24 January 2020 1. I. 2. II. 3. III. 4. IV. 5. V. 6. VI. 7. VII. 8. VIII. Invisible Ritual captures the synergistic collaboration between violinist/composer Jennifer Curtis and multi-instrumentalist/composer Tyshawn Sorey, and is an outgrowth of work they have done within the context of the wide ranging programming of the. It mesmerizes, it churns you out, it freaks you out and seems to be one gigantic pool of colorful mercury. joopkonraad. go to album. Shades Of... Anthology. by GRAY. Formed by the artists Jean-Michel Basquiat and Michael Holman, this is a reissue of Gray's 1979 limited release. Bandcamp New & Notable Jan 10, 2020

Svartrviðr by King Of Asgard, released 28 May 2021 1. Frôðr 2. Rifna 3. Hæimr 4. Kvikr 5. Ammobiærg 6. Svartrviðr 7. Harmdauðr 8. FæigR On their fifth sonic assault, svartrviðr, KING OF ASGARD maintain the perfect balance between the grim and the epic, darkness and twilight while keeping their sound crushing and stripped down to essentials Rat King. Seattle, Washington. Seattle Experimental Death/Grind band Rat King return with their new album Vicious Inhumanity. Formed in 2014, they have released an EP 1564 (2014), Split 7/Warhead (2015) and Full Length Garbage Island (2016). This New album finds the band in a chaotic realm of Death and Grind Experimentation Sonora Ritual Sonora Ritual is a band with different influences and styles of heavy music. No grandiose adjectives that describe the sound of these guys. It's up to you, to make your own opinion. Grab a beer and enjoy the ride. Dust Monument, released 03 September 2016 1. Farewell 2. Departure 3. Barchan 4. Gates of Oblivion 5 Cincinnati, Ohio • Rock • 142 collection items • 31 follower

Egos and Instincts by Orbital Junction, released 18 September 2020 1. Earthmover 2. Mary Kelly 3. Green Man 4. Queen of Mean 5. Gamblin' Man 6. 6ft2 7. Addict 8. Cree Psychemagik - Ritual Chants by Eskimo Recordings, released 18 November 2016 1. Man Parrish - Water Sports 2. The Rias Orchestra - Amram 3. John J. Francis - God's Garden 4. Chac Mool - Ofrenda 5. Kraan - Silky Way 6. G.R.C. Five - Saga Of A Scheduled Swamp Monster 7. Free Fantasy - Caroline 8. Jeanette - L'Amour Joue Au Violon 9 Deathchain Ritual Death Metal, released 28 April 2014 1. Voice of Sharur 2. Stele Ov The Vultures 3. Seven Asakku Shadows 4. Our Lady Under The Earth 5. King Pazuzu 6. Like Worms Upon The Lands 7. Tiamat's Eyes Of Death 8. Abzu Doom As eclectic as the label is, Svart Records have a strong foundation in death metal, having reissued albums by vintage acts like Abhorrence, Xysma and the. If you like King Krule, you may also like: obtuse art pop from this Massachusetts artist that threads jagged vocal melodies through herky-jerky synths. Bandcamp New & Notable May 10, 2021. go to album. Bicicleta Sem Rodinha by Gabo . Bright and woozy psych-pop from Gabriel Islaz—all recorded in his bedroom—will transport you to far-off shores. Bandcamp New & Notable Apr 19, 2021. go to. Carpathian Fullmoon Ritual by МОРОК, released 22 March 2018 1. Carpathian Fullmoon Ritual part I 2. Carpathian Fullmoon Ritual part II 3. Carpathian Fullmoon Ritual part III Carpathian Fullmoon Ritual created during september 2017 a.y.p.s. in Kriviy Rih, Ukrain

KING OF ALL DEMONS by Tribe Of Pazuzu, released 06 March 2020 1. King Of All Demons 2. Summoning Rituals 3. The Burning Of Diseased Empires 4. Crucify The Deceivers 5. Retaliation & Wrath Purchase of this CD comes with Logo sticker & Logo button Love and Vanity by King Cobra, released 18 March 2021 1. Love and Vanity 2. Love and Vanity (Acoustic Cover) 3. Love's Pain 4. Wear is the love at 5. Love Dies 6. Love and War 7. Love and Hate 8. Fuck Rap Décembre Noir DECEMBRE NOIR have introduced their melancholic-melodic mix of Death and Doom Metal on the two albums for F.D.A. Rekotz - A Discouraged Believer and Forsaken Earth. With Autumn Kings, the band is further evolving its distinctive sound. The quintet from Erfurt is interested in subtly growing tension arcs and atmospheric shifts

Nomadic Rituals Nomadic Rituals dwell in low frequencies and distorted rhythms while they gulder about ancient times and theoretical futures. C C P H M S TIDES, released 08 January 2021 1. Cassini-Huygens Part 1 (The Launch) 2. Cassini-Huygens Part 2 (Last Transmission) 3. Them 4. Tumulus 5. Moving Towards Total Disorganisation 6. The Burden TIDES is the third album from Northern Irish Sludge. Clandestine Rituals by Pruven, released 27 February 2020 1. Megalith Cipher 2. Levels Raised 3. Fallen Torches 4. Rooted Deep 5. Clinging On 6. Black Plague 7. Oshun 8. Dirty Octapus Water 9. Disapearing Bridge 10. Overcome Destruction 11. Organic Droid 12. Fascination Unknown 13. Select Few Vibranium 14. Gloomy Alacrity 1

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KING GHIDORAH KING GHIDORAH IV, released 11 September 2019 1. butchered 2. a continuation 3. III 4. slavewriter 5. discontinued as last minute as they come. and it's still not done two heads are better than on Includes unlimited streaming of EYE OF THE SUN via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. (Burn Ritual, King Earth). The album Eye Of The Sun is the first offering from Gypsybyrd and features a different side of Jake's songwriting and musicianship. Gypsybyrd takes Jake's love of hard rock, desert, and psych as well as the influences of 70s rock, blues. The Ego Ritual EP by The Ego Ritual, released 14 January 2019 1. Chakra Maraca 2. Ten Points For The Red Star 3. Serenade The Ley Line 4. Days Of Set 5. Outr

Ghost Ship Ritual Ghost Ship Ritual is a heavy Stoner/Blues/Doom group out of Houston, TX. Members: Bill - Guitar/Vox Justin - Guitar Kevin - Bass Guitar Andrew - Drums Tenth Region Of The Night, released 26 September 2020 1. Megalabong 2. Old Gumbo McGee 3. Moon Chamber 4. Kaiju 5. Rigel IV 6. The Tower 7. Tenth Region Of The Night 8 Cosmic Doom Ritual by Hexer, released 11 April 2017 1. Merkaba 2. Pearl Snake 3. Black Lava Flow Definitely an album which will take multiple listens (and re-listens) to fully unpack, Cosmic Doom Ritual is one hell of a debut album, from a band with a clear and uncompromising vision. - NO CLEAN SINGING Three tracks and 34-minutes of cosmic doom metal was just what the doctor ordered Void Manifest by Ritual Necromancy, released 03 September 2014 1. Fruiting Bodies 2. Rites of Gravesite Mutilation 3. Void Manifest Three brand new assaults from Portland's resident cavemen, Ritual Necromancy. Void Manifest is a single-sided MLP clocking in at 18 minutes of bludgeoning death metal. All copies on black vinyl with a silk screen side B and upgraded jacket stock

Ritual of Battle ( Orange Vinyl 2XLP) by Jedi Mind Tricks Presents: Army of the Pharaohs, released 03 December 2013 1. Swords Drawn feat. Chief Kamachi, Demoz, Planetary, Esoteric, Reef the Lost Cauze, & Celph Titled) 2. Time To Rock (feat. Celph Titled, Demoz, & Vinnie Paz) 3. Dump The Clip (feat. Planetary, Esoteric &; Celph Titled) 4 SARDONIC WITCHERY - Moonlight Sacrifice Ritual by SARDONIC WITCHERY, released 16 October 2020 1. Intro (Moonlight Sacrifice Ritual) 2. O Circulo Das Bruxas Perversas 3. Die For Satan 4. Infernal Kingdom 5. Licantropia 6. Eterna Penumbra 7. Misantropia 8. Ancient Spirits SARDONIC WITCHERY - Moonlight Sacrifice Ritual Full-length 2020 Available now in Digital format by bandcamp!! Ritual Of The Savage by Mop Mop, released 09 April 2010 1. The Return Of The King 2. Destination 3. Ash 4. Mr. Know It All 5. So High 6. Outerspace 7. Blue Soul 8. African Freedom 9. Ritual Of The Savage 10. Naja Haje (Omaggio a Don Cherry) 11. Hot Pot 12. Aria After the highly acclaimed Kiss Of Kali Mop Mop are back with Ritual Of The Savage, the third studio album, written, arranged.

Ritual King. Musician/Band. Oceansize. Musician/Band. Ungraven. Musician/Band. See More triangle-down; Pages Liked by This Page. Inverted Grim-Mill Recordings. LOUD! Baba Yaga's Hut. HAIKAI NO KU. 11PARANOIAS. StonerCamp. The Black Planet zine . Vulkan Arena. Høstsabbat. Riot Season Records. Ritual Productions. The Pit's - Bang Zoom Noise Produktions VZW. See More triangle-down; Pages Public. Gouging the Eyes of Angelic Purity by Crucifixion Ritual, released 14 May 2021 1. Gouging the Eyes of Angelic Purity 2. Sacrament of Defilement 3. Ritual Bludgeonin Contact Brazilian Ritual Records. Streaming and Download help. Report this album or account If you like Ceilanic Exhumations, you may also like: And This Too Shall Pass by Demonstealer. featured on Bandcamp Radio May 28, 2021. go to album. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised But It Will Be Heard by Heathen Beast. featured on Bandcamp Radio May 28, 2021. go to album. Tetragrammacide - Primal.

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Death Ritual by Sputum, released 03 November 2019 Includes high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. Paying supporters also get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app 2 track albu

Earthrise Ritual King - Bandcam

  1. g of Dream Ritual via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more
  2. Taadom Digital is a start-up social enterprise with mission to deliver low-cost, budget-friendly digital technology and consultancy services for the health and social services in low- and middle-income countries from Africa, South East Asia, and South America
  3. Carrion King, Calgary, Alberta. 106 likes. Extreme metal from Calgary, Alberta. Carrionking.bandcamp.com SoundCloud.com/Carrion-king
  4. Ideology by When Planets Collide: Presents, released 23 February 201
  5. King's Reign by Thrall's Ritual, released 27 July 2020 Bounded and chained cold and afraid try to evade a life enslaved Walls closing in rats tasting skin reaching towards death it fades away Sounds of screams comforts me closer they come louder they seem Watching the door splinters I see Brothers surround to rescue me Iron chains meets with the steel slowly they break sparks fade away.
  6. │││ by Haruspex Ritual, released 20 October 2019 supported by 5 fans who also own Ritual It's a comp of what they did so far, and it's downright sick

Earthrise Ritual King When Planets Collide: Present

  1. Ritual by Brujas, released 30 January 2019 1. Into The Rabbit Hole 2. Blacklight 3. Night With The Witches 4. Ash & Fire 5. Never Felt Aliv
  2. Morning Ritual General inquiries: bendarwish [at] gmail.com MORNING RITUAL ~~~~~ ::hyptnotic R&B | pop | fantasy folk:: The Clear Blue Pearl After a drought plagues their land, a man and his wife set out in search for the Clear Blue Pearl, an aquifer which is rumored to be close underground. Live video of chapter 1, The Drought http.
  3. Scotland, UK • Rock • 507 collection items • 74 follower
  4. It mesmerizes, it churns you out, it freaks you out and seems to be one gigantic pool of colorful mercury. joopkonraad. go to album. Shades Of... Anthology. by GRAY. Formed by the artists Jean-Michel Basquiat and Michael Holman, this is a reissue of Gray's 1979 limited release. Bandcamp New & Notable Jan 10, 2020
  5. ANCST. Berlin, Germany. Blackened Crust | Black Metal & Dark Ambient from Berlin, Germany


Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. Purchasable with gift card Buy Digital Album €4.20 EUR or mor Great Degradator by Ritual Service, released 14 May 2019 Great Degradator, Soul interceptor, Bring me down, I'm still hate you. Great Degradator, Invading in your soul, Don't give a mind, Let him roll

Ritual King Psych Blues, Manchester, U

Ritual and Failure by Décembre Noir, released 13 November 2020 Self-reflection between black lines The torn drawing of a resurrected man Mirror mirror, please show me another face Ritual and failure A heavy crown, the head hangs low Oblivious king among the all-seeing eyes of God Behind a veil, isolated from the world outside I see myself, an empty shell in black and white Ritual and failure. Ritual Summon. 116 likes. Ritualsummon.bandcamp.com. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page Summoning Rituals by TRIBE OF PAZUZU, released 06 March 2020 Summoning Rituals We conspire in darkness Under the blood moon Appointing the Chosen Legions worship Around the sacred flame Begin the ritual Summoning Hordes - Subject unto me Awaken evil - Begin the conjuring Demonic mass - Offer the sacrifice prophetic visions - (of) diabolic rites With Ashes and Blood Anointing the flesh Burn the. Ritual by HVNGER MOON, released 28 November 2018 Ritual The woods, they know the time drawing close hawks circle the sky with snakes in their claws tonight we feed the worms, the wolves and the weeds the flesh and bones and blood of humanity This corpse grows a dead rose Our thorns remain, there's beauty in pain Even death cannot take To the grave Today has come for us Tomorrows gone, don't.

Sticks | The Dead Voice | Regain Records

Fishing in Roon by RITUAL BOYS CLUB, released 16 August 2019 1. theodore 2. neck of bottle 3. church on the front lawn 4. p.o.v 5. take your shoes off 6. false dog of action 7. future bring in the man 8. naked cowboy by ella sinskey and brian culligan with: sam grossman - guitar - tracks two + three nando dale - guitar - track one mixed / mastered by brian art by ella special thanks to amina. VoidRitualLive by We Hunt Kings, released 09 September 2015 1. VoidRitualLiv Ritual Magic by Blitzgeist, released 03 April 2018 1. Bloodtorch 2. Ritual Magic 3. Swordland 4. Hanging Threads of My Salvation Recorded at Sacrificial Sounds Limited to 25 copies on one sided black cassette 15 with Black / White cover 10 with Red / White cover Order at sacrificialsounds.bandcamp.com All music and lyrics written and recorded by Zane Youn Ritual and Ceremony by we set sail, released 31 March 2021 1. The Valium Phase 2. Salt on the Water 3. Hurry Up, I Wanna Fuckin' Leave 4. Does Everyone Always Feel This Good In Real Life? 5. Organ Freeman 6. Cycle Has Charm 7. Ordinary 8. Palm Mutant 9. Resolutions 10. Tiled Floor Symmetry 11. The Goggles Do Nothing 12. Well, That's 13 Years of My Life I'll Never Get Back 13

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Caligari Records. . Underground record label dedicated to harsh and unlovable music. Underground music for underground people. Only true music is real The Chthonic Rituals by Atavisma, released 23 July 2018 1. Chthonic 2. Extraneous Abysmal Knowledge 3. Sacrifice Unto Babalon 4. Invocation of Archaïc Deities 5. Monoliths 6. Ashen Ascetic 7. Amid the Ruins 8. A Subterranean Life ATAVISMA unleashed their debut album from the fathomless catacombs of the Parisian underground. The Chthonic Rituals delivers a ruthless and savage onslaught of. searching all Bandcamp tracks and albums Bandcamp. log in king dude NJRM-001 King Dude Born in Blood by King Dude. buy now you own this wishlist in wishlist » DEAD TAPES vol II - The Lost Rituals. by CHAINS. buy now you own this wishlist in wishlist » DEMYSTERIIS DOM GROMKA (Live Bootleg MMXV) by CHAINS. buy now you own this wishlist in wishlist » Stands With Death. by The Dark Red.

Nature of Truth | Isometric & Forest Bamp | Ominous

Insomnia by Ritual Drops, released 12 June 2020 supported by 5 fans who also own Insomnia I love these moody, sureal sounds The Bungalow by Mating Ritual, released 21 August 2020 1. Welcome to the Bungalow 2. The Bungalow 3. Voodoo 4. Elastic Summer 5. Third Steepest Street In America 6. Unusual 7. King Of The Doves 8. Heart Don't Work 9. My Postmate Is Here 10. ok 11. Raining In Paradise 12. Moon Dust 13. So Long, Los Guapo

Devoured by the Abyss - Omnipotence (2020) » CORE RADIO


Ritual by Barloventos, released 26 April 2019 1. Profecías 2. Ritual 3. Reinos de Guerra 4. Guerreros de Madera 5. Delirio de Grog 6. Navegando a tu encuentro 7. Juicio Final 8. Un Nuevo Día 9. Veneno 10. El Dorado ÇNuevo disco de estudio. Grabado en AREA 51 estudio METALLUM EVANGELII by Ritual Servant, released 29 March 2019 1. SEVEN TRUMPETS 2. AMONGST THE WOLVES 3. THE SACRIFICE 4. COMFORT IN THE FIRE 5. DYING TO SELF 6. WOE IS ME 7. THE JUST 8. TEN LEPERS Debut Full Length album - Includes original 777 EP - Remastered Produced, Recorded and Mastered by Brian McKenzie Additional Drum and Lead Guitar Producers include: Kenny McWilliams - Matthew Jacques. Devolution by Vedic Ritual, released 27 July 2015 1. Jogi 2. World Fusion 3. Vedic Ritual 4. Thirsty Pilgrim 5. Brahma Thattvam 6. Himalayan Breeze 7. Aaramb Inhale Light - Exhale Darkness by OhmRitual, released 20 March 2021 1. Geartooth 2. Bleeding Through 3. Malice Aforethought 4. A Gift Of Bones 5. The Lying Devine 6. Pissing Wisdom (On Holy Crutches) 7. Inhale Light, Exhale Darkness 8. Exquisite Corps Rituals by Living Room, released 06 April 2021 1. Rituals ft. M e a d o w 2. Buddha ft. Phlocalyst 3. Kyoto Sunrise ft. Mondo Loops 4. Circle of Trust ft. Akïn 5. Consciousness 6. Sublime ft. Otaam 7. Blue Hour ft. Phlocalyst 8. Sleepmodee ft. Rudy Raw Stream/Support → https://fanlink.to/RitualsEP Living Room is here to offer a touch of mellow magic with his latest album Rituals

No Compromise Ritual King Ripple Musi

This searing, four-track split from Bog Wizard (Michigan) and Dust Lord (Colorado) pairs stoner rock riffs with hard fantasy themes. Bandcamp New & Notable Mar 10, 2021. go to albu Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. If you like Ritual Haze, you may also like: Brunt by Brunt. supported by 10 fans who also own Gorgon Master I love the quality of the sound,perfect mix LUTCH . go to album. Blackbeard by Brunt. supported by 8 fans who also own Gorgon Master I came onto Brunt through their. Ritual by metusnex, released 26 April 2015 1. Ritual Swamp Ritual EP by UUBBUURRUU, released 18 September 2015 1. Cosmic Cannibalism 2. Laying In An Angel's Corpse 3. Dear God 4. I Don't Mind 5. Radio Wave

Aghori Ritual by Swamp Machine, released 01 September 2020 Doomed & Stoned seeks to document the huge explosion in underground hard rock and heavy metal, specially bands that traffic in dank downtuned riffs and fuzzy stoner grooves in the tradition of Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, and Blue Cheer DEMO 2017 by Empty Ritual, released 11 March 2017 1. The Watch 2. There Will Be No Sleep 3. A Darkness Surrounds Him 4. Faltering Stars 5. Already Dead 6. The Day The Locusts Cam I by Illusion Ritual, released 16 May 2020 1. Arrival at the Maze of Uncertainty 2. Frantic Deciphering of Arcane Dialect 3. Wherein a Guardian of the Rift Appears 4. Plummeted into Ethereal Soul Tortur Ritual by Nathan Blehar & Tony Falco, released 06 November 2020 1. That Which Calls in the Distance 2. Incantation 3. Bending to the Wind 4. Purge 5. Offering to the Ancestor A1-Dark Wudang Rituals ft. Sadistik Sensei by DJ King Fu, released 02 April 202

VoltarBattle Lords | Godless Rising | Moribund Records

Black Hills Ritual Kin

WOUND GARDEN by RITUAL AESTHETIC, released 27 July 2018 1. Stasis 2. Life Amnesia 3. The Analog Flesh 4. Divided 5. Dread 6. Malefaktor 7. Mechanism Of Desire (Electronic Substance Abuse Remix) 8. Chemical Weapons (Seraphim System Remix) 9. Amnesiac (Xentrifuge Remix) • Denver-based industrial metal outfit returns with a brand new album of digital aggressio Blood Ritual - LP- VinylRecord/Vinyl + Digital Album. 12 Vinyl version of our third studio album 'Blood Ritual'. Download code for digital version included! Includes unlimited streaming of Blood Ritual via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. ships out within 2 days

Analog Eternity | Weed GreedEndless Mental Masturbation and Reincarnation is TortureMatt SKITZ Sanders | Ibbotson DrumsBLACK IRON PRISON & CLEAN - Split · Caligari Records
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